Intentions of Originator

A small post about the aim of this blog. I have been writing a bit since school. Mostly poems, sometimes a few descriptive passages. But they remained relegated to the pages of a notebook, or sometimes … More Intentions of Originator


Homeward Bound

Fifty Five… Sixty… Sixty Five… Sixty Five. Keeping the speedo needle at sixty five miles an hour, he held the throttle grip steady with his wrist. The vibrations in the handlebars at that speed were as much as he could tolerate comfortably. Out of the corner of his eye he watched the shrubs and grass … More Homeward Bound

The Tambourine Man

I was seated in my study that afternoon, dreading the visit of my publisher’s agent. You see, after serving in the war I had decided to become a writer, considering that writing was something peaceful and sufficiently removed from the intense environment which was a consequence of my previous profession. My first novel had done … More The Tambourine Man

The Display Booth

It is night-time in the city. Miles above the ground, Gavin, a young child of four arrives at the market station in an air-taxi with his mother and father. He stares wide-eyed out the viewing ports as the air-taxi emerges from the clouds and docks onto the illuminated visitor platform, its engines whirring softly as … More The Display Booth

The Flashlight

He stopped at one stall on a whim. The stall had cheap chains hanging overhead, pendants shaped like crosses, dragons or other symbols attached to them. On the tray below, wallets and watches were arranged. Beside them, an assortment of mini-flashlights were on display. One caught his eye. … More The Flashlight